Thailand Property Market

Thailand Property Market

Thailand Property Market. Both local and foreign investors have been drawn to Thailand’s real estate market for a long time. The market is known for its variety, business potential, and beautiful locations. We are entering a new era, so it is important to look into the latest real estate trends in the Land of Smiles. […]

Title Search in Thailand

Title Search in Thailand

Title Search in Thailand. Putting money into real estate is a big deal, and making sure that the people who own the property are who they say they are is very important. It is very important to do a full title search in Thailand before buying or selling a house. This article goes into detail […]

Thai Will and Succession

In the rich tapestry of Thailand’s legal landscape, understanding the intricacies of wills and succession laws is vital for individuals and families seeking to plan for the transfer of assets and wealth. Thailand, with its unique legal system, places significant importance on the principles of inheritance, and a well-crafted will is the linchpin of a […]

Sales Contract Review in Thailand

In the vibrant business landscape of Thailand, a key component of successful commercial transactions is the meticulous review of sales contracts. Thailand’s legal framework, influenced by both civil and common law principles, requires a nuanced understanding to ensure that sales contracts meet legal requirements and protect the interests of all parties involved. This article delves […]

Property Taxes in Thailand

Transfer of Title Deed in Thailand

Investing in real estate can be an exciting venture, and Thailand has long been a favored destination for property investments. As an investor or homeowner in Thailand, understanding the intricacies of property taxes is crucial. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to property taxes in Thailand, including the types of taxes, their […]

Buying Property in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand involves several important considerations and steps. While the process may vary depending on the specific location and circumstances, here are some popular aspects typically involved in buying property in Thailand: Engage Professional Services: It’s advisable to engage the services of a reputable lawyer or legal firm with expertise in Thai property […]

Transfer of Title Deed in Thailand

Transfer of Title Deed in Thailand

What are the different processes involved in Transfer of Title Deed in Thailand? There are several options, and this article will explain each one. In addition, you will learn about Chanote, Nor Sor Saam Gor, and Sor Kor Nung. If you are interested in purchasing a property in Thailand, read on to learn more about […]

Property Due Diligence in Thailand

Due Diligence in Thailand

Performing Property Due Diligence in Thailand is vital for many reasons. First and foremost, it will help you avoid legal issues that can affect your property in the future. There are many things you should know about Property Due Diligence in Thailand and some of them are described below. Seeking the services of a lawyer […]

Pattaya Property – Escrow Account Systems

Pattaya Property - Escrow

Buying property in Pattaya, Jomtien or Naklua has always been very popular amongst expats in Thailand. The only problem with Thai real estate has been that it is unregulated and this has caused many problems in the past. The new government has stepped into the unregulated property market in Thailand by passing the new ‘Escrow […]

Leasing Commercial Property in Pattaya

Leasing Commercial Property

If you have decided to buy into the entertainment industry in Thailand, buying a bar in Pattaya as described it is always best to ensure that you obtain the entertainment license before signing a lease agreement for the property. When signing a lease agreement always be certain to obtain the services of a solicitor in […]