How to Register a Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand is a big deal and can be a life changing event for both the couple, their family and friends. It’s important to get everything right and be well prepared so that you can enjoy your special day and have a happy, prosperous married life!

There are several different styles of wedding that you can choose from in Thailand. You can choose a traditional Thai style, a Buddhist ceremony, or one that is more Western. Whatever your choice, it’s important to be aware of all of the necessary legal requirements and paperwork that will need to be completed before your wedding can be registered.

First, it is essential that you and your partner are both legally free to marry in Thailand. This is done by obtaining affirmations from your home country’s embassy in Bangkok. It must include a notarized statement from the embassy indicating that you are free to marry.

Next, you and your partner need to fill out a marriage application at the local district office (called an amphur in Thailand) that has jurisdiction over your intended marriage location. You will need to bring your declarations, affidavits, translations and passport copies.

It is also a good idea to get the documents translated into Thai before they are submitted. This will help with the registration process and make it easier to understand what’s happening at each stage of the process.

The process of getting married in Thailand can take some time but this can be reduced by bringing the documents to the Legalization Division of the Consular Affairs Department in Bangkok, where a Consular Official will authenticate the signatures on your documents. This will normally take two days and will allow you to have more time to explore Bangkok.

Another option is to hire a wedding planner who will be familiar with the legal requirements and can help you with any of the other aspects of your wedding in Thailand, such as choosing a venue or booking transportation. These services can be extremely affordable and can help to ensure that you have the perfect wedding in Thailand.

You should also consider arranging a dowry, which is an important part of the Thai traditional wedding. This can be in the form of money, or gold and jewelry.

A dowry is a symbol of the wealth that you and your partner will share after the marriage. It is an integral part of a Thai traditional wedding and is believed to guarantee that you will be well taken care of after your marriage, so it is definitely worth considering this option when planning your wedding in Thailand!

During the dowry process, you and your partner will be given a set of strings that are attached to your hands. These strings will only come off if you give the elders of your village or family a certain amount of money offering.

The dowry is an important part of the wedding in Thailand and can be a fun and unique part of the ceremony. It is very common for brides and grooms to receive a large sum of cash as a dowry.

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