Getting Divorced in Pattaya

Getting Divorced in Pattaya Getting divorced in Pattaya and seeking the advice of a divorce solicitor in Pattaya might not be the most appealing thought but one does need the services of a solicitor when dealing with divorce law in Thailand. The Thai marriage and divorce system works as follows. When you decide to register you marriage in Thailand you need to register your marriage at the local office of the Amphur or the District Administrative Office.

Or solicitors in Pattaya will be able to assit you with registering your marriage in Pattaya for you. If you had been married in say, New York you can register your marriage in Thailand under the Family Status Records which is also at the Amphur’s office. This is the final step however when getting married in Thailand. Firstly you need a letter from your Embassy in Bangkok to state that you are single, if you are divorced you need a copy of your divorce certificate. This then has to be translated into Thai by a certifying authority. From there it needs to be verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Thailand out at the old airport in Laksi. Once this is done – only then do you go to the Amphurs office for your marriage certificate. Speak to our solicitors in Pattaya with regards to marriage registration in Pattaya as it does become complex if you or your new wife is divorced or widowed.

Obtaining a divorce is easy as it simply needs registration at the Amphurs office if both parties agree, but there is no such thing as an easy divorce when there are children or property involved. This is where it becomes complex and potentially expensive. Most times during a divorce in Pattaya, most parties tend to agree while negotiated by a solicitor to a bilingual Divorce Agreement that all parties are happy with. Should it not be settled by negotiation then litigation has to commence and it is best to speak to one of our solicitors in Pattaya with regards to duration, costs and the need for you to appear in court for a hearing. Call us on our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers and obtain legal advice first hand from an experienced solicitor in Pattaya. They have heard it all and there is no shame in asking important questions!

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