Power of Attorney in Thailand

In the complex landscape of legal and business transactions, the concept of Power of Attorney (POA) plays a crucial role. This legal instrument allows individuals to empower others to act on their behalf in various matters. In Thailand, the Power of Attorney is governed by specific legal principles, providing a framework for its creation and […]

Notary Public in Thailand

In the realm of legal documentation and international transactions, the role of a Notary Public is crucial. In Thailand, Notaries Public play a vital role in certifying and authenticating various documents to ensure their legal validity and acceptance. This article provides a comprehensive guide to Notary Public services in Thailand, covering the definition and role […]

Breach of Contract in Thailand

Contracts serve as the cornerstone of business transactions, outlining the rights and obligations of parties involved. However, when one party fails to fulfill its contractual duties, it constitutes a breach of contract. In Thailand, as in many jurisdictions, breach of contract cases are governed by legal principles outlined in the Civil and Commercial Code. This […]